JGA-K Wagon Pack v2.0

Several teething issues with this so please redownload if you are experiencing problems

This package includes a large selection of JGA-K aggregates hoppers of several types, intended for use in scenarios from 2000 onwards. Version 2 has massively improved and expanded this addon, with the addition of a whole new wagon type and updated textures, models, and features. See a full list in the included user guide.

IMPORTANT: Due to the numerous changes made in version 2, the wagons may not show properly in old scenarios. The scenarios will therefore need updating. Apologies for any inconvenience.

What’s included

137xx/172xx series hoppers built 1984/1986 by Standard Wagon

↘  RMC Roadstone, DB Schenker

192xx series hoppers built 1994 by Tatrastroj Poprad

↘  Buxton Lime Industries, VTG

192xx series hoppers built 1997 by Tatrastroj Poprad

↘  RMC Roadstone, DB Schenker


  • High resolution textures and detailed models
  • A variety of weathering options for each livery
  • Randomised livery variations on certain wagons
  • Dust effect when moving on loaded wagons
  • Three load types
  • Dynamic numbering
  • Automatic flashing taillamp

A scenario is included in this addon for the Just Trains Midland Mainline courtesy of Thomas Harrison. Drive 37422 & 37677 from Chinley East Curve to Leicester with a full load of RMC Hoppers.

You must own the Armstrong Powerhouse Wagon (Old) Sound Pack in order
for the sounds to work. See the included user guide for scenario requirements

Changelog (please redownload to apply updates):


  • Reworked textures for JGA 1
  • W2 added for DBS livery
  • Replacement bogie and wheel models for JGA 1
  • Many reworked details on JGA 1
  • Inclusion of the 13xxx/17xxx JGAs (JGA 2)
  • Dust effect added to all wagons
  • Scripting added to randomise logos and livery types, reducing the total number of versions
  • New couplings added
  • File naming system cleared up
  • Addon fully internalised, meaning that no extra boxes need ticking in the editor


Please see included user guide for scenario requirements.


Installation Instructions

Thanks for downloading.
Ensure the downloaded folder is unzipped and see included user guide

Tags: aggregates bogie freight hopper jga stone


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Avatar of Ben_B
Ben_B 12 Apr 2023

Really nice work here, Can't wait to see what other wagons you can bring to the table!

Avatar of TSRollingStock
TSRollingStock 12 Apr 2023


Avatar of Tarik
Tarik 15 Apr 2023

More than amazing work Thank you very much If you have an email send it to me I will send you two shipping carts I hope to see them like this paint

Avatar of gp
gp 12 Oct 2023

The loaded and tail versions of the DB livery have these lines duplicated in their .bin files:


This can cause scenarios to crash, and even crash the game completely when eciting a scenario.

Avatar of TSRollingStock
TSRollingStock 29 Nov 2023

Hi, sorry for the delay! Sorry about this problem, please look out for something big happening with this pack in the next few weeks.... This version will be discontinued

Avatar of TBone
TBone 16 Dec 2023

Hi there. i love the updated JGA's, but i seem to be having a bit of an issue with them on the included scenario.....The lighter coloured band along the top of the RMC variant flickers constantly from any angle, the RMC logo itself seems to be duplicated on top of the same RMC logo, i can't seem to find a tail light, and there are no couplings visible. Can you help please?


Avatar of TSRollingStock
TSRollingStock 16 Dec 2023

Hi, so sorry about this - something really weird with the supplied files meaning I missed 3 vital folders out! I'll let you know when the fix has been approved and then redownload.

Avatar of TSRollingStock
TSRollingStock 16 Dec 2023

Try now for the fixed version

Avatar of TBone
TBone 18 Dec 2023

Hi there, yep that did the trick!! They are excellent!! Thanks again!!

Avatar of railquest
railquest 17 Dec 2023

This is a really fantastic model and v2.0 is a fantastic addition to TS.
One issue I've got though is that the AP Wagon (old) sounds aren't fully applying to the wagons for me. I've installed the pack using the process outlined in the manual, tried them out and noticed the only sounds that the wagons were producing was the clunking sound made traversing junctions. There doesn't seem to be any run sounds applied. I tried reinstalling the AP wagon old sound pack and this unfortunately hasn't helped. Any ideas?

Avatar of TSRollingStock
TSRollingStock 17 Dec 2023

Thanks for the kind words. I'll release a fix for this as I think I've found the problem. Look out for a reply when it's been approved

Avatar of TSRollingStock
TSRollingStock 17 Dec 2023

Try now!

Avatar of railquest
railquest 17 Dec 2023

Ahh excellent thanks - I've reinstalled and they now sound as expected. Thanks for your help!

Avatar of Mike0ne
Mike0ne 26 Feb 2024

Is there a missing 'W2' version?

Avatar of TSRollingStock
TSRollingStock 28 Feb 2024

Could you let me know which particular livery is missing this please?

Avatar of PaulC
PaulC 27 Mar 2024

Hi, great texture pack but my loaded wagons are piling out dust! I have tried a delete/reinstall but still the same, any help appriciated, Thanks!

Avatar of TSRollingStock
TSRollingStock 27 Mar 2024

Sorry about this, can I check that you have the AP Old Wagon sound pack installed - I know it doesn't seem related but it's existence is required for this scripts to run. Thanks

Avatar of PaulC
PaulC 27 Mar 2024

Thanks for replying TSRollingstock, No I dont have the Old wagon SP, I usually get by without old or discontinued SPs I didn`t think this would affect the dust script but if its needed its needed! Thanks mystery solved :)

Avatar of PaulC
PaulC 27 Mar 2024

SP purchased and installed, I`ll go test the wagons :)

Avatar of TSRollingStock
TSRollingStock 27 Mar 2024

No problem, to be clear this isn't a old or discontinued sound pack, it's a sound pack for old wagons. I can understand the confusion though!

The way the scripts work (and other people's scripts would work similarly) is that there is a line that basically says 'you need the AP sound pack script installed for this script to run'. This allows the AP script to be used by the game at the same time as mine. Hope that makes sense

Avatar of PaulC
PaulC 28 Mar 2024

All works just fine now, thanks for your help & once again great work on those JGA`s :)

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