SS Narrow Front 2 Piece 1L K5HL For CSXT ES40DC And CSXT ES44DC

This is the most realistic Narrow Font 2 Piece 1L K5HL i have made


Installation Instructions

you need to have searchlight simulations folder and Nathan Air Chime folder then paste the folder called CSXT_NF_K5HL in this directory here RailWorks\Assets\SearchlightSimulations\NathanAirChimeK-series then once you open the folder you will have to copy the K5HL_HornControl.proxyxml and paste it in the same this directory SearchlightSimulations\NathanAirChimeK-series\CSXT_NF_K5HL then Copy the K5HL_HornControl and paste it in the same dirctory here: SearchlightSimulations\NathanAirChimeK-series\CSXT_NF_K5HL then grab the Horn.proxyxml of your locomotive it would start with sd40 horn or es44 horn or Dash8 horn or Dash9 Horn once you find any of the horn.proxyxml just copy the name not the Proxyxml it cold be ES44 horn Dash8 Horn Sd40 Horn or SD70 horn after you have done all that the horn should work but be sure to sound the bell first to to be on the safe side to see if it works


CSXT_NF_K5HL.7z 101 MB · Added 18 Sept 2022 · Downloaded 178×


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18 Sept 2022
18 Sept 2022
Train Simulator Classic
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