BNSF ES44 Revamp Set (Searchlight Simulations Compatible only)

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Did an overhaul on the Orange Texture using a picture of the real thing to get that perfect BNSF orange, the set includes a replacement for the Default textures aswell as a variant of it with more dirty look, some Sun baked ones aswell and a blown turbo which couldve been a lot better honestly. I also included a Custom K5HLL in the SS Proxy.


Marias Pass Route Add-On:
MLW GEVO-12 Enhancement Pack from Searchlight Simulations:

Installation Instructions

Step 1:

Drag the Assets folder into your main Railworks folder

Step 2:

Go to Assets\RSC\MariasPass\RailVehicles\Diesel\ES44DC\BNSF\Engine and copy ES44DC_BNSF.GeoPcDx

Paste into Assets\RSC\MariasPass\RailVehicles\Diesel\ES44AC\BNSF - SunBaked\Engine

Step 3:

Go to Assets\RSC\MariasPass\RailVehicles\Diesel\ES44DC\BNSF\CabView and copy es44dc_cab.GeoPcDx

Paste into Assets\RSC\MariasPass\RailVehicles\Diesel\ES44AC\BNSF - SunBaked\CabView

Repeat Step 2 and 3 for "BNSF - BlownTurbo", "BNSF2" and "BNSF2 - SunBaked".

Note: Defeault doesn't need any Geo files, its just new Textures for the Default BNSF ES44

Locomotives will appear the same way as the Default BNSF ES44, for example "MP ES44AC BNSF - SunBaked".

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BNSF ES44 Revamp 64 MB · Added 29 Oct 2021 · Downloaded 1,569×


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LP 29 Oct 2021


Avatar of Brandon
Brandon 29 Oct 2021


Avatar of ngc
ngc 30 Oct 2021

For some reason, the ditchlights are broken for me, as well as the horn not playing.

EDIT: Nevermind, re-installing the pack fixed the horn and you need to have the reverser in forward for the ditchlights to work for some reason. I'm now getting a bug with the engine RPM though

Avatar of Brandon
Brandon 23 Dec 2021

yo, can I use your BNSF and UP upgraded textures for an enhancement pack of Tehachapi?

Avatar of Monchito5
Monchito5 23 Dec 2021

go for it

Avatar of Brandon
Brandon 23 Dec 2021


Avatar of SouthernLover
SouthernLover 21 Feb 2022

For Some reason the Blown turbo doesnt wanna load

Avatar of CascadeRail
CascadeRail 20 Jun 2022

You should probably add Sherman Hill to the requirements. I don't have it and I was wondering why the sunbaked/blown turbo models weren't loading lol

Avatar of Jeragon186
Jeragon186 16 Jul 2022

How can I use Searchlight's sounds instead of your own? After downloading, it has over written the Searchlight's sounds.
Edit: Disregard the last statement.
One note: after scouring the internet, it seems the weathering on the underbody is too heavy. For example, the picture for the ATSF dash 9 in your enhancement pack, in my opinion, has the perfect amount of weathering.

Avatar of traingame101
traingame101 18 Feb 2023

So i installed this but i didnt get the amber headlights how do i fix this

Avatar of UnlimitedRail
UnlimitedRail 21 Apr 2023

The models dont work, is there a fix for this?
Edit: i missed a step, great mod by the way!

Avatar of gunnyboy
gunnyboy 20 Jul 2023

wish there was a revamp pack for the h2 es44dcs so they could match these beauties of mods including the dash 9 texture fix

Avatar of yay :D
yay :D 22 Mar 2024


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