SEPTA Silverliner V

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Repaint of the Kawasaki M8 EMU to simulate the SEPTA Silverliner V. This repaint uses FanRailer's physics mod and has accurate numbering based on actual units running on the SEPTA lines.


Kawasaki M8 EMU DLC and FanRailer's M8 comprehensive physics mod

Installation Instructions


You will need the Kawasaki M8 EMU from the steam store. You will also need FanRailer's M8 physics mod located at

Copy the Septa Silverliner V folder to Assets\RSC\M8Pack01\RailVehicles\Electric
Copy all the GeoPcDx files from the M8MTA Engine folder and copy to Septa Silverliner V\Engine
Copy all the GeoPcDx files from the M8MTA Cabview folder and copy to Septa Silverliner V\Cabview

Additional Comments

This repaint is commissioned by Jaquar Jtlbeatz Jackson of the Northeast Corridor Simualator Development group on Facebook. It is a fascimile of the SEPTA Silverliner V. It uses the Kawasaki M8 EMU as the base model. The OH models are AC current and the others are DC current. I would like to thank Logan Collins for getting me the accurate numbering on these cars. He takes these frequently and is familiar with how they are numbered.

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