KCS SD70ACe Southern Belle

  • by wlenz781
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Here is the KCS SD70ACe in the Southern Belle Livery for both US and Mexico engines. This mod is SS-compatible. The main engine textures are 4k graphics.

Tags: sd70ace searchlight-simulations


SD70ACE_KCS_Belle_deM.zip 37 MB · Downloaded 272×


Avatar of Lenny
Lenny 10 months ago

on the readme.file it says "Drop the "Assets" folder into" and it says the directory. But when i open up the Winrar Archive, it doesnt show a "Assets" folder

Avatar of CSXfan27
CSXfan27 10 months ago

When that happens I try to install it manually. I do wish some people would explain how to install them in the readme flies, because sometimes there's that one thing that is different.

Avatar of EverettRailfan
EverettRailfan 3 months ago

Does this require SS?

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