Chihaeru's Amfleet Northeast Regional Coach


This is a repaint of the amtrak northeast regional coach car used around the northeast corridor by Chihaeru. So I am not the owner of this mod, I am only republishing with his permission, so of course full credit goes to chihaeru for the incredible mod.
Although there is one with the same patch, it was a bit faded and chihaeru made the logo more clear and move visible.


NEC: New York-New Haven

Installation Instructions

Readme is inside for installation

Additional Comments

I must repeat I am NOT the owner of the mod many thanks to Chihaeru for the incredible patch.
Please make sure NOT to redistribute without his permission, all of that is in the readme file.
Please go check out Chihaeru's website, he has some good items there that are perfect for your ts collection.


Amtrak Amfleet Cafe Northeast 2 MB · Downloaded 38×


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