ABStudios Bethlehem Steel Autorack Pack 01

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This is the first of hopefully 3 packs of Autorack Repaints for the ABStudios Bethlehem Steel Autoracks. This is the Western pack including the following skins:
BNSF Orange
BNSF Yellow
Ferromex (Grey and Red)
NKCR (Trinity Hourglass)
SFLC (Trinity Hourglass w/ BNSF logos)
UP (We Will Deliver Slogan)


ABStudios Bethlehem Steel Autorack --- https://airbournestudios4.wixsite.com/bsautorack
Krellnut's Rollingstock Sounds

Installation Instructions

To install:

Copy the "ABStudios" folder and paste it into your assests folder.

Copy the "Autorack.geopcdx" located in "ABStudios\Autoracks\RailVehicles\Freight\BS Autorack FXE"
Paste it into the following cars in the "Freight" folder:

"BS Autorack BNSFO"
"BS Autorack BNSFY"
"BS Autorack FXE01"
"BS Autorack NKCR"
"BS Autorack SFLC"
"BS Autorack TTX"

Copy the "Autorack.geopcdx" located in "ABStudios\Autoracks\RailVehicles\Freight\BS Autorack UP"
Paste it into the following cars in the "Freight" foler

"BS Autorack TFM"
"BS Autorack UPWWD"

If you do not copy the right .geopcdx to the right car you may have unwanted results.

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StevenJam one year ago

Some really awesome looking freight cars in this pack 👌

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