AP Mk1 Coach Improvement Pack Version 2.1


A lot has changed since I first got the AP Mk1s and attempted to fill in the gaps, and this new version finishes what I started.

  • Mainline versions of the BR Maroon and BR Green AP Mk1s, including cant lines on the roof and coach ends, as well as modern brake pipes and data writing.
  • A custom roof texture created by and used with the permission of my friend and excellent content creator Adam.
  • The Maroon coaches have painted ends and variants to account for two distinct time periods: The 1990s and the Present Day.
  • Compatible with the latest sound update.
    Both sets are inspired by real life charter stock.


  • AP Mk1s (Duh)

Installation Instructions

Simply drag the Assets folder into Railworks. You'll need to copy the .Geo files for the Green and Maroon BCK, BFK, BSK, FK, FO, RBR (Maroon only), RMB (Maroon only), and TSO.

Tags: railtour ts-uk-coaches


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