Searchlight Simulations CanPac AC4400CW Alternate Cab Textures

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This pack includes a few alternate cab interior textures for the Searchlight Simulations Canadian Pacific AC4400CW
These textures introduce small variations in the cab textures that change up a few small details, changes include:

  • A tribute to the late Stobe the Hobo in the form of "Stobe Attack" being written on the conductors side of the cab
  • The reverser color being changed from yellow to black
  • The removal of the "AC on High/AC on Low" writing in the cab
  • RWU union stickers in place of the BRCF union sticker
  • The removal of the "CP" ahead of the written road number on the stand


Searchlight Simulations AC4400 CP Base Package

Tags: ac4400cw canadian-pacific cp-rail searchlight-simulations


SLS CanPac AC4400CW Alt Cab 12 MB · Downloaded 118×


Avatar of Brandon Railfan
Brandon Railfan 5 months ago

awesome mod. Maybe make the reverser a little bit more gray since its pretty hard to see

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