E186 Displays: German translation + Enhancements

  • by Foobian
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! This mod is only compatible with the SimRail Prologue !


  • [MTD + MFD] German translation
  • [MFD] Tweaked tractive & braking effort colours
  • [MTD] Tweaked night mode colours
  • [MTD] Added rendering of status indicators on the Bedienen page (why ever that was missing)
  • [MTD] Added working FdspBr (parking/spring brake) indicator
  • [MTD] Added AFB status indicators (The indicator is dependent on the setting selected in the displays, not the Vsoll lever, which actually dictates if AFB is active or not)
  • [MTD] Added hiding of softkey description for active settings
  • [MTD] Fixed weird night mode texture on Bedienen page
  • [MTD] Replaced "Zakłócenie systemów sterowania" with "Traktionssperre" in appropriate colours
  • [GSM-R] Increased indicated volume level by one (I just thought it looked nicer)

Installation Instructions

Before installing this mod backup the display files at ...\steamapps\common\SimRailPrologue\SimRail_Data\StreamingAssets\pyscripts. If you don't know how to find this folder, right click SimRail Prolouge in your Steam Library and select "Browse Local Files". This will lead you to ...\steamapps\common\SimRailPrologue\SimRail_Data\, from there on you can navigate to the folder path above and backup the pyscripts folder.
Then extract the SimRail_E186_DD_DE+Enhancements.zip into the same SimRail_Data folder and overwrite all files it asks you to (If it doesn't ask you to overwrite any files you extracted the zip in the wrong location)

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VonRondstadd 2 Jan 2023


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scip 22 Jan 2023

it seems this doesnt work with the release version ?

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Foobian 22 Jan 2023

As denoted on the mod page it's only compatible with the Prologue

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scip 22 Jan 2023

ahh didnt saw this note sry

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