TSW1 LIRR M9 Reskin

· 153×

Includes correct road numbers and custom selection screen text!
By Yuri

This mod was migrated from the original Train Sim Community mods website. For more information, click here.

Tags: tsc-migrated tsw-na-electric-locomotives


LIRRM9-Yuri.zip 14 MB · Downloaded 153×


Avatar of Rambo516duque
Rambo516duque 8 months ago

Can this mod be used in consoles?

Avatar of discord.gg/MuQ4cNv
discord.gg/MuQ4cNv 3 months ago

Consoles aren't strong enough!

Avatar of Lunamoon
Lunamoon 8 months ago

Unfortunately Rambo516duque, mods like this only work on PC. There's no other way around it.

Avatar of Trainlover910
Trainlover910 7 months ago

Very Nice! Just downloaded it. It looks great and honestly i would love to see the M9 sounds in the future. Keep up the great work

Avatar of TSWGAMER
TSWGAMER 3 months ago

I like it, it looks like an M9

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