DB BR 185.5 DB Schenker Rail SA / Green Cargo

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A DB BR 185 (DRA) Reskin in the colors of DB Schenker Rail Scandinavia for the border-crossing freight services through Germany, Denmark and Sweden.
Since the original is a BR 185.3 this is a work of fiction.
I have to say a massive thanks to @AntCraft who practically made the "Green Cargo" logos. Withouth the help I probably wouldn't have finished this.
Also, don't be worried if it takes a bit longer to load the preview when you select the loco, there are almost a thousand layers, this takes a while...


Installation Instructions

  1. Download the .tsw2liv file
  2. Put the file in your TSW2 Livery Manager Exports folder
  3. Open TSW2 Livery Manager, click on the livery in the list and press import
  4. Enjoy!

Additional Comments

Do not repost this livery, or a modified version of this livery, without permission.

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Avatar of CowBoy Wolf
CowBoy Wolf 8 days ago

Could you make an fully green cargo livery if i may ask?

Avatar of uǝq
uǝq 8 days ago

Nickhawk has already made one, you can find it here

Avatar of CowBoy Wolf
CowBoy Wolf 8 days ago

Yeah i know that one but it replaces all the 185's on MSB and RSN and the letters on the side is actually big in reality and that one has the letter tiny

Avatar of uǝq
uǝq 7 days ago

I'll look if I find the time and space

Avatar of CowBoy Wolf
CowBoy Wolf 7 days ago

or maybe an TX logistik 185 since not sure which one seems easier

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