Hey, I'm Ant Craft and welcome to my profile!

I make liveries for Train Sim World using the in game livery designer, and you may know me for my wide selection of Great Western Railway liveries, or for my various other liveries.

So how did I start creating liveries?

It all started when Train Sim World 2 first launched back in the summer of 2020. Schnellfahrstrecke Köln - Aachen had just released, and you could now paint the trains. National Express is and always has been one of my favourite liveries for the Talent 2, so I wanted to see if I could give it a try. After getting confident with the tools through a mix of trial and error and watching a few tutorials, I felt like I knew enough of what I was doing to make something decent at least. So I started making the livery, and after a few days of working on it on and off, I had something I was happy with.

I then created some liveries after that, creating the Eurostar and Pendolino (or should it be a Pretendolino livery since it's on the ICE 3M?) liveries for the ICE 3M, before then creating TGV Atlantique livery when LGV Méditeranée released. This carried on for a few months, creating the odd livery here and there, but then I was introduced to the TSC Mods site.

While I was at first apprehensive at first to upload anything as I wasn't too sure if they were good enough, I uploaded my first livery here, the TGV Atlantique livery, on January 3rd 2021. To me surprise however, it became really popular, so later on that month, I proceeded to upload my other liveries too. Ever since, I've enjoyed being able to bring you all new liveries in Train Sim World on a multitude of different trains.