Tees Valley Local

  • by ROB S
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Drive a Regional Railways Class 150 from Darlington to Saltburn making stops along the way. Even though the passenger function is instructed. There is no official unload/load. So make your own.


TVL Plus Class 20 and 31 dlc


Additional Comments

Ive added custom repaints in my version. Not necessary if youre happy with it as default skins. Dutch Livery and RF Distribution for the 37 are used in my scenario. In addition Ive added static BG in postal red the livery file is along side the scenario file below.
Links to a destination pack are also below. I havent used it, but it may be worth using.


RF_GWB_BR_MK1;mk1 post worn.tsw2liv 9 KB · Downloaded 125×
USD_3D3525DE-40B2-57F6-53F5-389E07DA9252.sav 14 KB · Downloaded 124×


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