Amtrak ACS-64 Texture Enhancements

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Created by Nexo for Train Sim World 2020 and faithfully ported to Train Sim World 2 by Yuri (Lunamoon)

-The silver paint job on the body is now slightly darken to bring up the grey-ish silver like colour.
-​​Slightly reduced dirt effects on body
-The front windshield where the black paint are had also been adjusted to faded black
-​LED headlights and marker lights now has bumps applied and reflection. Less illumination on headlights. Texture revised
-Add pattern details on red reflective tape. You will need to get close to see it. Also 5 holes at the front side are now smaller holes compare to previous release
-Red reflective tape now has reflection added with lines
-Added bolts and some markings on side vents and side cameras
-Added metal plate step texture on the main entry door. Also added bump to bring up the plate definition
-Front "pilot" screw holes white marking colour reduced brightness and Changed the "pilot" and suspension to Siemens signature blueish grey
-Wheels colour updated and reflection on disc brake improved
-SIEMENS logo added on bogies


Northeast Corridor: Boston – Providence

Installation Instructions

To install simply drop the PAK in the DLC folder normally found at
C:\Program Files (x86)\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 2\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC

To uninstall simply delete the PAK file.

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Avatar of meridian
meridian 5 months ago

Nice Enhancement Though.

I experienced that in heavy snow the Frontwindow doesnt get drops on it. The Rain effect is visible in a small square. Would be nice to have a fix on that. I tested it and it came with this mod. (I have all 3 Boston Enhancements installed)

Avatar of CTSL Railfan
CTSL Railfan 5 months ago

the textures cause the american flag to shrink, get flipped the wrong way, and the small amtrak logo under to move down.

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