Class 31 Regional Railways

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This mod adds the Regional Railways variant of the Class 31!

This was initially a request but came to spend a lot of time on it, rather pleased with how it came out.
There may be a few issues here and there due to the mapping but hopefully nothing you should notice, do let me know on TSC Discord if you find anything.

As with my other reskins I've included a logo and non-logo version, do note that the logo will be reversed on one side.
I've also included a clean and a dirty variant for some added choice.
If you need some regional railways carriages for extra immersion, just check my page for my carriage pack!


This mod will REPLACE the stock Class 31


Class 31 Loco Add On
Tees Valley Line

Installation Instructions

Just drop into your DLC folder.

Tags: class-31 provincial regional-railways rr


!TS2Prototype-Laika-Class31-RegionalRailways-Dirty-NOLOGO.pak 6 MB · Downloaded 18×
!TS2Prototype-Laika-Class31-RegionalRailways-Dirty.pak 6 MB · Downloaded 20×
!TS2Prototype-Laika-Class31-RegionalRailways-NOLOGO.pak 6 MB · Downloaded 15×
!TS2Prototype-Laika-Class31-RegionalRailways.pak 6 MB · Downloaded 19×


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Randomguy 11 days ago

Definitely gonna use this. great work!

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Train Sim World 2
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Rush Hour Steam (UE4 4.26)
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Replaces existing skin