DB BR 112 Corrections

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This small mod replaces the DB BR 112 model with one that has been corrected to match it's real life counterpart.

Update: The initial release had a small issue with the windows. For whatever reason, replacing the model also slightly borked said windows. I had to adjust both the Animation Blueprint and the Rail Vehicle View files to correct the issues. However, they are 100% now, functioning as well as the original.


Hauptstrecke Hamburg - L├╝beck Route Add-On

Installation Instructions

Place the file 'TS2Prototype-TS-HBK-DB-BR112.pak' into '(GAME_LOCATION)\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC'

(GAME_LOCATION) being the game directory ex. 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 2'

Additional Comments


V 1.1

  • fixed windows:
    animation: all 4 windows were sliding into the train body, has been corrected by editing the Animation Blueprint file
    control hitbox: you had to hover mouse below blinds to show the "Window" control to open them, lowered them appropriately by editing the Rail Vehicle View file

v 1.0

  • rescaled all lights to actually match (all 4 lower lights were different size)
  • rescaled center light to match side lights, made it centered, moved it down a bit and adjusted the angle on it to match the loco
  • moved left and right lights along with hooks closer to loco edge, moved hooks slightly closer to lights
  • scaled down the light rim on all lights
  • recessed all lights significantly
  • moved bar below window slightly downward
  • adjusted AO and Roughness maps to reflect the new positions
  • edited UV map to prevent stretching after moving lights (because of the holes in the main body for lights)

This model change is of course 100% compatible with the Livery Editor and custom skins. Opinions are always welcome.
If you would like to support me and my modding endeavors, please consider a symbolic donation.

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Avatar of JBViper
JBViper 2 months ago

Thank you for your work. You make people happy in the community.

This comment was written for a prior version of this page.
Avatar of Ded Mozaj
Ded Mozaj one month ago

Brotherly heart, tell me how, did you unconvert, convert to TSW, all the files, after changing the geometry of the locomotive?
The video would be the best!
Thanks in advance!

Avatar of TheShotte
TheShotte one month ago

Add me on Discord - TheShotte#7120 - and I will explain it to you step-by-step.

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