CSX MP15DC YN3 for SPG - v2.1

New! Updated to version 2.1!

Tested for compatibility with both Epic Games Store and Steam version of Train Sim World 2.

What This Mod Does

Gameplay: This is not a reskin - this mod adds the CSX MP15DC in YN3 livery and replaces the GP-38 in 15 Cumberland Yard Services as well as adding it to the Cumberland Switchback Scenario. The original Caltrain MP15DC CT is still fully available for use on the Peninsula Corridor route, this mod simply adds a variant of the MP15DC, in YN3 livery, that is completely independent of the Caltrain loco. However, you do need to own the actual MP15DC add-on in order to be able to use this mod.

Locomotive: The model itself had to be modified just to allow for a proper CSX logo on the loco, not to mention the new paintjob and decals. I had to modify and re-import both the Exterior and Cab meshes of the locomotive. The resulting model is a fairly accurate representation of an actual CSX MP15DC in YN3 livery. Furthermore, once imported into Unreal, proper paths had to be set to the assets used by the locomotive to essentially make it possible to turn it into a stand-alone locomotive independent of the Caltrain one (although they do share some features).

Optional: Also provided in the zip file for Version 2.1 is "TS2Prototype-TS-SPG-CSX-MP15DC-FlippedFormation.pak" (created independently by Lunamoon), which is an alternate Nose to Nose formation for the majority of the services to spice things up. If you wish to use this Nose to Nose (Cabs out) MP15DCs , please install this file along with the main mod pak following the instructions below.

Appreciation: If you appreciate the literal hundreds of hours of work that went into making this mod a reality, please consider a PayPal donation as a show of support if you would like to see more mods of this caliber in the future.


Version 2.1

  • Ported over to Rush Hour - UE 4.26 Update
  • Adjusted "Fire Extinguisher Inside" sign on back cab door to be closer to door (was casting shadow before)
  • Added LODs for both cab and exterior meshes, did only LOD0 initially for both
  • Fixed some spots on body texture that were still black

Version 2.0
⦁ Separated the loco into it's own entity, thus leaving the Caltrain version of the MP15DC intact - this part actually entailed a whole lot of development
⦁ Adjusted the glossiness of both inside and outside of the loco
⦁ Other miscellaneous tweaks

Version 1.11
⦁ Fixed some vertices weighting issues with decals (visible in v1.1 with rear cab door open)
⦁ Corrected the CSX logo tone a bit to match it's counterparts

Version 1.1
⦁ Edited the textures and made sure there are no mis-textured parts, also changed the tone of the blue color ever so slightly to match existing stock a tad bit better, and a bunch of other touchups
⦁ Corrected various smoothing issues on both the Exterior and Cab meshes, overall presentation should be better
⦁ Removed Brake Cut-out and compartment from the Exterior model
⦁ Removed roof scoop from the Exterior model
⦁ Removed the 2 blank screens from the Cab model (top of control stand)
⦁ Added more decals (Watch Your Step, F (front) decal)
⦁ Added proper CSX MP15DC road numbers 1140 - 1149 (initial release used only 2 from original release)
⦁ Other misc. corrections

Version 1.0 - Initial Release
⦁ Substituted GP-38 with MP15DC on 15 Cumberland Yard Services
⦁ Added MP15DC to Cumberland Switchback
⦁ New menu Thumbnail
⦁ Modified Exterior Model of MP15DC
⦁ -- Removed the polygons for the old Caltrain decal along with the hinge covers
⦁ -- Extensively changed UV map to allow for new livery
⦁ -- Added CSX logo decals to both sides, and remapped the hinges underneath the Logo so that the paint on the hinges matches
⦁ -- Added a bunch of decals all around the loco
⦁ -- Changed road numbers to all be 4 digit
⦁ -- Modeled and UV mapped new ditch light box, moved up all ditch lights to be accurate and on the same height as all CSX locos
⦁ -- Removed number board hood from the front of the cab, moved Horn to main roof (was on top of the removed hood)
⦁ -- Added number boards to the front of the nose
⦁ -- Deleted cup holder looking thing that was above the left ditch light on both front and back of loco (it's not present on CSX MP15DCs)
⦁ -- Besides the glass and like 2 cab textures (dials and whatnot), all other textures and maps were changed, some created entirely from scratch
⦁ Modified Cab Model of MP15DC
⦁ -- Changed road numbers to 4 digits
⦁ -- Modified/Removed some other decals
⦁ -- Fixed Rain FX/wiper not working on the front left cab door present on vanilla MP15DC


TheShotte - Models and changes for both Exterior and Cab models along with TSW2 engine import, 50% Base Color Texture, with a few new materials and countless other texture maps.
Lunamoon - MP15DC SPG Services and Substitution, Cumberland Switchback loco substitution, changing road numbers, ~50% Base Color Texture, moral support. Overall awesome person.

Special Thanks

Huge thank you to Will from T.S.C. Discord for his incredible help (in more ways than I can describe), I'm not sure if v2.0 would be possible without him. Also, thank you to Schnauzapowahz for his overview videos. You can watch Schnauzapowahz' video below:


Please do not redistribute this file without permission. If you plan on using this for your own mods, please get our permission to do so first.


Train Sim World 2
Caltrain MP15DC Diesel Switcher Loco Add-On

Installation Instructions

⦁ Download and extract the contents of "SPG_CSX_MP15DC_YN3_V1.2.zip" to a location on your Hard Drive.
⦁ From the extracted files, copy the file "TS2Prototype-TS-SPG-CSX-MP15DC.pak" into '(GAME_LOCATION)\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC', if you had a previous version of the mod, make sure you overwrite the old file.
⦁ If you wish to use the alternate Cabs Out (Noe to Nose) MP15DC formations, also copy "TS2Prototype-TS-SPG-CSX-MP15DC-FlippedFormation.pak" along with the above file into your "DLC" directory.

(GAME_LOCATION) being the game directory ex. 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 2'

NOTE: Please remove any other modifications that may alter the MP15DC Locomotive. An example of such a modification would be the "Amtrak MP15DC" mod by Yuri (a.k.a. Anna_AWVR).

Tags: csx sand-patch-grade tsw-na-freight-rolling-stock yn3


TS-CSX-MP15DC-YN3-2.1-4.2.6.zip 77 MB · Downloaded 980×

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Avatar of sam67122019
sam67122019 12 Jun 2021

This mod is amazing! you guys did a great job I would love to see more things like this.

Avatar of TheShotte
TheShotte 17 Jun 2021

Thank you 😁

Avatar of JPS
JPS 22 Jun 2021


Avatar of NP701
NP701 4 Jul 2021

Thank you very much!

Avatar of President Washington


Avatar of AkshanMajumdarRailfanner_375

Looks Cool

Avatar of TheShotte
TheShotte 17 Jun 2021

It does indeed, thank you 😄

Avatar of Jake
Jake 20 Jun 2021

I bought the CalTrain MP15 and I installed the file into the correct file and after opening the game the CSXT doesn't show up, is there a way around this?

Avatar of TheShotte
TheShotte 20 Jun 2021

If you've installed both the MP15 DLC and the mod above properly, you will see the MP15DC as the last loco when you go into Services on Sand Patch Grade.

Avatar of Jake
Jake 27 Jun 2021

I installed both properly and still don't see it within the game so I'm not sure what is wrong.

Avatar of TheShotte
TheShotte 28 Jun 2021

Click on Train Sim World 2 in the Steam Library, this will show the game's page. On the right hand side, there will be a DLC section, and on the bottom right it will say "Manage my X DLC", click that, and in the following window, make sure the Caltrain MP15DC Add-on is checked.

I'm currently working on an update, but when I'm done I'm gonna further investigate your issue.

Avatar of Jake
Jake 28 Jun 2021

Just looked and it is checked.

Avatar of TheShotte
TheShotte 29 Jun 2021

Alright well Version 2.0 is done and being released today. I will shift my focus to investigating your issue. I need to know for myself, especially since I'm pretty sure v2.0 will make the YN3 loco unavailable to anyone without the SFJ route. Give me a few and I will get back to you. Also, I would recommend joining the TSC Discord server and hitting me up there, it will just make things easier.

Avatar of JPS
JPS 20 Jun 2021

Did I wash mine too warm? I see no blue... :(


Avatar of TheShotte
TheShotte 22 Jun 2021

It looks like you installed multiple MP15 mods. Remove the Amtrak MP15 reskin!

Avatar of JPS
JPS 22 Jun 2021

Good call, thanks!

Avatar of TheShotte
TheShotte 22 Jun 2021

You're welcome. 👍

Avatar of jimi01us
jimi01us 28 Jun 2021

I installed the update and it worked fine for the SPG Loco but the Cal Train Loco remained CSX. Puzzled!😕

Avatar of TheShotte
TheShotte 29 Jun 2021

Yeah because the original version of the mod was a reskin of the Caltrain loco. You have to download version 2.

Avatar of jimi01us
jimi01us 29 Jun 2021

Thank you. I was a day early.

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 1 Jul 2021

Good job !

Avatar of TheShotte
TheShotte 1 Jul 2021

Thank you

Avatar of Thomas J Weller
Thomas J Weller 29 Jul 2021

hello the shotte my name is thomas i have played train sim games for 2 yrs i am a big fan of trains

Avatar of TheShotte
TheShotte 2 Aug 2021

Hi 😄

Avatar of Thomas J Weller
Thomas J Weller 3 Aug 2021

hello the shotte i need some help to get this mod into the game

Avatar of TheShotte
TheShotte 5 Aug 2021

Whats going on? There are better ways for you to get some sort of help with your issue. I would suggest joining the Train Sim Community Discord server. The link for the Discord server is right at the top of the page, to the right of the Train Sim Community logo.

Avatar of dkender
dkender 22 Aug 2021

I have followed the directions on how to install this mod and have the required add ons and it will not show up

Avatar of KCRCRailway
KCRCRailway 13 Sep 2021

How did I not press the like before
Heres your like

Avatar of Adam H
Adam H 25 Sep 2021

This piece of equipment just tops the cake. This sure does bring SPG back to life for sure. Thank you for all your hard work and bringing this and other mods to this game and making it fun to play..

Avatar of TheShotte
TheShotte 26 Sep 2021

You're welcome my man. I am glad you are enjoying the fruits of my labor. 😄

Avatar of scip
scip 2 Nov 2021

this mod gives me a ctd when i load a scenario :(

Avatar of TheShotte
TheShotte 6 Nov 2021

Whatever issues you are having, they are not caused by my mod. I have verified each and every scenario in SPG loads fine with the mod installed, even the Free Roam scenario (which has the MP15DC in it as well) works flawlessly.

Avatar of gin_and_juice
gin_and_juice 24 Dec 2021

Hello TheShotte. I followed instructions and downloaded this mod yesterday. Unfortunately I noticed the CSX logo on the sides of the locomotoive, as well as some texutres on the panel above the fuse cabinet, are showing up as gray boxes. I don't have any other MP15DC mods or SPG mods, and tried reinstalling it but get the same result every time.

Avatar of gin_and_juice
gin_and_juice 24 Dec 2021

Update: I tried on a fresh install of the game with no other mods, which unfortunately didn't work. I also tried it with and without the FlippedFormation.pak file, but still no result either way.
All the missing textures I found are:
Front and rear steps onto the loco
Warning abels inside the step wells
Steps on the cab end leading into the door
Two small warnings next to those steps
Square in the door itself
CSX Logo on the sides of the hood
Various other small labels alongside the hood
Emergency stop switch red border
Some light switches on that same panel (above the fuse cabinet)
Exterior emergency fuel stop logos

Front and rear signal lights are missing their silver-ish reflective insides, however, they don't show the gray checkerboard found on the other missing texture, just the same color as the outside

From videos I watched of the mod, I assume it's just all custom textures not getting ported over. Otherwise it's a really beautiful mod and I can't wait til I can get the textures to work properly so I can put some hours in with it installed.

Avatar of pookidooki
pookidooki 6 Jan 2022

I can confirm that I am seeing the same missing textures.

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 23 Jan 2022

Very good mod ! but no CSX logo
me to

Avatar of _kuerbis
_kuerbis 23 Jan 2022

Can confirm. This is how it looks for me too.
Bummer, very nice work on the mod, but some textures got scrambled

Avatar of JAH
JAH 9 Feb 2022

Great mod, but logos missing for me too.

Avatar of George3
George3 13 Apr 2022

Did anyone ever figure out the logo and other texture problems?

Avatar of M-A-X
M-A-X 24 Apr 2022

Was working fine before but now have issues with the logo like the others

Avatar of CTSL Railfan
CTSL Railfan 6 May 2022

As others pointed out, the textures are missing, AND it ruins the Boston Sprinter timetable, basically restoring the old one by the looks of it. It removes the ACS-64 depot services and causes an imediate derailment for Amtrak Northeast Regional #177 and #179.

Avatar of wyskass
wyskass 24 May 2022

I'm not able to get this to work at all.
Have extracted the TS2Prototype-TS-SPG-CSX-MP15DC.pak into my DLC directory, and removed all but official PAK files, then verified that the MP15 DLC does work fine in the Bay Area scenarios and is properly loading there.
Then tried a few of the Y series scenarios on SPG, and none of them have the GP38 replaced by this.
Interestingly, upon download Chrome warned of this being a dangerous file, even after trying a couple times. Then did override upon download. This happens very rarely on file downloads.
I specifically bought the MP15 DLC to use on SPG, so it's quite disappointing.
Not sure if this is corrupted or what, but it's doesn't work at all for me at this time.

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