Sand Patch Grade: Enable all timetables

  • by Foobian
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This mod enables the following timetables as alternative route timetables:
  • 1-14CumberlandBusyYard
  • 1-14CumberlandVERYBUSYyard
  • 15-16CumberlandREFUELING
  • 17-20CumberlandBusySiding
  • 21-CumberlandStation
  • 22-25_SignalWaitingTrainPass
  • 26-31-ApproachingHyndman
  • 33-EpicRainShot
  • 34-EnterSandpatchTunnel.
  • 36-38-Summit
  • 39-ShawMinesBranch
  • 48-50RockwoodBridge
  • BEN_TEST_250117
  • mptest
  • SandPatchDemo
  • SandPatchTimetableJan2017
  • SignalPassing
  • TEST
  • TestRunMP

SandPatchDemo2 is the default timetable and the only one without name in the timetable selector

And the following scenarios (they just refrence the above timetables, but I enabled them anyway):
  • MattsTest
  • RobTest
  • TestCumberland1

Tags: sand-patch-grade timetable tsw-2


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Avatar of Oryx, The Taken King

Hey. The F7 "Switch Cars At Clumberland" Makes My Game Crashed Can You Investigate This Please?!

Avatar of EverettRailfan
EverettRailfan 29 Nov 2021

I'm so confused, why does this even exist? Most of these are unplayable.

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 29 Nov 2021

Because ts2.dbg.LoadTimetable doesn't work in TSW 2 anymore, so this is a workaround for those people who want to load them

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19 Nov 2021
19 Nov 2021
Train Sim World 2
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