Ryan Glasgow Scenario Pack.

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This pack includes Scenarios made by me for the Glasgow Cathcart route. Please note this was only possible with use of the Unoffical Editor which credit for goes to Will & Muff.

Updated for Scenario uncluding new Jubalie steam Loco.


East Coastway - Class66 is used.
London to Paddington - HST is used.
London to Brighton - Cless 387 is used.
Glasgow Cathcart - Main Route Scenario takes place on.
Liverpool-Crewe Route (Main Requiredment)


Installation Instructions

Downlaod .pak and paste in plugins/DLC


TS2Prototype-RG_GCC_ScenarioPack.pak 276 MB · Added 5 Jun 2022 · Downloaded 592×

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Avatar of Simon
Simon 14 Feb 2022

Can you use this .pak file along with SprattyHeaths recent Glagow Cathcart Enhancement Pack?

Avatar of GreggR1
GreggR1 15 Feb 2022

Yeah, I believe. All this is for Scenarios.

Avatar of Vovan_19822 (Владимир)

Thanks for the scripts! Make more scripts for East Coastway.

Avatar of GreggR1
GreggR1 15 Feb 2022

I could look into doing a Scenario for East Coastway, I can implement my Work order thing if that's what you're thinking.

Avatar of JBViper
JBViper 14 Feb 2022

Great scenario, original and lots of AI. Thanks.

Avatar of GreggR1
GreggR1 15 Feb 2022

Awsome Thank you :)

Avatar of Khonsu
Khonsu 14 Feb 2022

The initial wait for the train to arribe which is 20m is way too much

Avatar of GreggR1
GreggR1 15 Feb 2022

Noted, will look into that going forward.

Avatar of scip
scip 14 Feb 2022

thats cool thx :)

Avatar of GreggR1
GreggR1 15 Feb 2022

No worries, Glas you liked it. :)

Avatar of Oppenheimer
Oppenheimer 16 Feb 2022

Can i get link to the editor please??

Avatar of Oppenheimer
Oppenheimer 16 Feb 2022

And by any chance do you happen to know how can i create my own consists/formation??

Avatar of Tom_fresco
Tom_fresco 18 Feb 2022

On the screenshot I see a 150, so you need WCL too, do you? Because i have all listed payware and it keeps crashing

Avatar of GreggR1
GreggR1 6 Mar 2022

Penzance to Truro is what is needed for Class 150

Avatar of JLD95
JLD95 26 Nov 2023

Hi, I tried to use this scenario pak: I put TS2Prototype-RG_GCC_ScenarioPack, TS2Prototype-RG_TriggerBlueprint_V1.pak, TS2Prototype-RG_GCC_C314_Additions.pak into SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 4\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC, but how to select these scenarios, I don't see new scenario for Glasgow Cathcart ? thanks for your help

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