Toronto Commuter 2024 Timetable Enhancement Pack V1.1

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Welcome to Toronto Commuter 2024. Built by the Great Western Railway (Ontario) between 1853 and 1855 the present day Oakville and Grimsby Subdivisions hosts over 100 passenger and freights trains daily making this the busiest rail corridor in Canada.

This timetable enhancement pack includes the following. A brand new 24 hour timetable featuring Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area regional rail, intercity passenger, local and fast freight services. In addition 21 reskins are provided to transform locomotives and cars from Sand Patch Grade, Boston - Providence, Peninsula Corridor and MP36PH-3C Baby Bullet add-ons into appropriate liveries. Finally tweaks to the existing route includes adding stations to the PIS, adjusting passenger density at stations and as a bonus added new paths to the Scenario Planner.

With 107 playable services, choose from 88 regional rail services operating the MP40PH-3C and Bombardier BiLevel cars along the western shore of Lake Ontario on all day stopping local, limited express, and rush hour commuter services. Or drive 1 of 10 intercity domestic and transborder services with the F40PH. If freight is your preference, you have a pick of 4 yard transfer services or 5 local shunting jobs using the GP9Rm and the GP38-2. Looking for more freight, use the Free Roam feature to create your own adventure exploring the various industrial sidings throughout the route. While you are riding the rails, keep an eye out for additional AI operating local and fast freight services.

What's included:
Timetable - TSW4 version (V1.1):

  • Total: 199 services (107 playable, 92 AI).
  • Regional Rail services (88 playable and 32 AI) based on Nov. 2023 timetable featuring,
    • All day stopping services to Aldershot and West Harbour.
    • Limited express services to Niagara Falls.
    • Rush hour commuter services to Hamilton Centre and Oakville (AI only).
  • Intercity passenger services (10 playable and 2 AI) based on Nov. 2023 timetable featuring,
    • Domestic services to London and Windsor.
    • Transborder services to Buffalo and New York Penn.
  • Local freight services (9 playable and 10 AI).
    • Local yard transfers operating out of Aldershot Yard.
    • Switching autoracks at Oakville Automotive Assembly Plant.
    • Shunting in the Hamilton Industrial Zone (The HOLE).
  • Fast freight services featuring 80+ cars (48 AI).
    • Operating mostly between the Halton and Dundas Subdivisions.
  • (FIXED) Default Rail Journey disappearing
  • (NEW) Added new Rail Journey
  • (NEW) Added additional static consist in Hamilton Industrial Area.
  • (FIXED) Various fixes to freight services.

Timetable - TSW3 version (V1.1):

  • Same as TSW4 version except uses default liveries.

Repaints (V1.1):

  • 21 reskins:
    • MP36PH-3C and BiLevel cars in Regional Rail inspired livery.
    • F40PH in intercity inspired livery.
    • CTC cars in intercity inspired livery.
    • AC4400CW in CN livery (Bonus playable with the original timetable).
    • (NEW) Added 2nd F40PH in intercity inspired livery (requires Peninsula Corridor).
    • (NEW) 6 autoracks and 3 covered hoppers.

Stations (V1.1):

  • 12 stations added to the PIS for intercity services.
  • Adjusted passenger density at stations.
  • Adjusted monthly temperatures.
  • Scenario Planner 2.0 compatible:
    • Added 60 new paths including access to all portals for a total of 70 paths.
  • (FIXED) Default Journey Mode disappearing


  • Passengers behaving badly,
    • On westbound services, passengers getting off the train will pile up and spill over onto the track.
    • At Oakville station, passengers cue on the island platform between track 1 and 2. In reality there is a fence dividing the island platform and track 1.
    • At Aldershot station, passengers cue on Platform 1 which is disused in real life.
  • Aldershot PIS display boards are backwards. Track 1 shows 4, track 2 show 3, etc.
  • Switch speed limits are Slow Speed (15 mph) but in reality they are either Medium (30 mph) or Limited (45 mph).
  • 30 mph zone entering Oakville Platform 3. In reality Platform 4 is a through line and 30 mph limit applies to this track only.
  • AI does not turn off headlights on reversing services (i.e. some trains to Union will have headlights on rear of train).


  • All comments are appreciated but please remember Oakville Sub is an older route that was not designed for passenger services. So I am limited with what works and what I can change. This represents many months of hard work on my own time. Please enjoy.


Installation Instructions

TSW4 Install:
Download Repaints, Stations & Timetable and copy to TSW4 DLC folder.

TSW4 Update:
Download Repaints, Stations & Timetable and copy to TSW4 DLC folder & overwrite existing files.

TSW3 Install:
Download Stations & Timetable-TSW3 and copy to TSW3 DLC folder.

Additional Comments

Thanks to for beta testing

  • ice#6850
  • pwilson79
  • Thorgred
  • yansel#5383

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Avatar of Smokey
Smokey 14 Mar 2024


Avatar of Becks_23
Becks_23 14 Mar 2024

This sounds just awesome. Great work, really looking forward to drive passengers in Canada... Thanks, ey

Avatar of Stexred
Stexred 15 Mar 2024

great mod

Avatar of Quentin J.
Quentin J. 15 Mar 2024

This is insane, the amount of modifications this brings! Fantastic work!!!

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 15 Mar 2024

Very good job !!

Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 15 Mar 2024

slapped in the face with this masterpiece, So many modifications!

Avatar of nahtankski
nahtankski 15 Mar 2024

Truly incredible! I can't imagine Dovetail's offical passenger timetable (if it ever releases) will be anywhere near this good. Lots of thought and care went into this!

Avatar of thecynicalprole
thecynicalprole 17 Mar 2024

Can't wait to try this! I even love how you used the BPE version of the F40ph to simulate the rear platform that existed before the cowls were extended to make room for the HEP. Would you consider allowing the SFJ F40 to substitute on this timetable, to simulate VIAs newer F40s that did have the HEP?

Avatar of TragHippo
TragHippo 17 Mar 2024

I hate to tell you but you are giving me too much credit. I choose the BPE version for two reasons, first I was already using BPE for the Amfleet cars and wanted to minimize the number of required DLC. Secondly I am not a fan of the braking system on the SFJ version. I can take a look at the SFJ F40 and see about adding it.

Avatar of solicitr
solicitr one month ago

"first I was already using BPE for the Amfleet cars and wanted to minimize the number of required DLC. "
Good thinking, but since the Baby Bullet is required, that necessarily means the player has to have SFJ as well.

Avatar of Olsby
Olsby 17 Mar 2024

This looks amazing, but can I still play the default Oakville and it's scenarios with this installed ?

Avatar of TragHippo
TragHippo 17 Mar 2024

Yup. This doesn't replace anything, just adds a second timetable.

Avatar of JustusLM
JustusLM 28 days ago

The stations mod does however remove the original journey from the menu. This isn't a major issue, though.

Avatar of TragHippo
TragHippo 27 days ago

I am working on a fix for that.

Avatar of KCRCRailway
KCRCRailway 18 Mar 2024

I can only see the Bi Level Cabcar somehow in TT selection, I got a ton of mod, do you wish me to try figure out what conflicted or theres something that you can guide me to?

Avatar of TragHippo
TragHippo 18 Mar 2024

That's odd. Providing you have all of the required DLC you should see 6 selectable locomotives in the timetable. I intentional didn't install any mods while I was developing this so yeah it sounds like something is conflicting. Afraid I can't give you any hints but I'd appreciate if you do find something to let me know.

Avatar of goosewaffe
goosewaffe 17 Apr 2024

I'm also getting the same issue, have all the required DLC installed.

Avatar of TragHippo
TragHippo one month ago

Sorry to hear that goosewaffe. If you have other mods installed, I would recommend removing them and see if my timetable works. If you find a conflicting mod, let me know.

Avatar of goosewaffe
goosewaffe 24 days ago

I'll have a looksy

Avatar of goosewaffe
goosewaffe 18 days ago

Strangely i noticed after installing the mods i lost the stock on boston sprinter and only when i removed the stock they reappeared, the only one that was on boston was the cab car

Avatar of TragHippo
TragHippo 16 days ago

Interesting. Could you download the Station pak (THB_OSD_Station-RD) from here and see if it fixes the problem,

Avatar of regis902
regis902 19 Mar 2024

Thank you so much for this. I grew up near this line riding GO Trains so was dissapointed that there were no passenger train layers in the release. This is the layer this route has always needed. Well done!

Avatar of TragHippo
TragHippo 19 Mar 2024

You're welcome and thanks. I also grew up nearby (the other half of the route) and was also disappointed with the route in general (scenery, services, etc). So was happy when the editor came along.

Avatar of solicitr
solicitr 27 days ago

I assume that the route doesn't have any ATC/ACSES functionality installed, so the unit in the F40 doesn't work?

EDIT: It's worse than that; if you turn it on it assumes "Restricting" and holds you to 20 mph (brake enforced) the whole way.

Avatar of solicitr
solicitr 27 days ago

There seems to be an issue with speed limits. I ran the Amtrak service holding to the posted limit of 95mph - which is reflected in the profile map as well - but the program registered my speed as around 130! And I lost all my APs for "speeding"

Is there a miles/kilometers conversion problem?

Avatar of solicitr
solicitr 26 days ago

OK, it seems the two issues are connected: running faster than the ATC limit registers as "speeding." Solution: turn off PTC and everything works fine.

Avatar of TragHippo
TragHippo 26 days ago

There is no PTC/ATC/ACSES in Canada. So I wouldn't recommend running with safety systems on. Burlington to Toronto Union is being upgraded to ERTMS over the next decade.

Avatar of brandvizag
brandvizag 4 days ago

It is crashing TSW after today's update

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