Amfleet I Amtrak Phase III Livery Pack

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This is my rendition of Amtrak's Phase III livery for the Amfleet cars in the Boston Sprinter add-on. There is liveries for all the variants of the car (Coach Class, Business Class and the Cafe Car). The livery for the Business class is the same as the one for Coach class, as III wasn't able to find any reference photos of a business class Amfleet I in the phase III livery, so III deduced that there likely wasn't a business class Amfleet I. However, if this isn't the case, then let me know. And if you happen to have or see any reference photos for Amfleet I Phase III business class coaches (if they even exist XD), then also let me know and leave a link to it as it would be highly appreciated.

The Cafe car also doesn't have a weathered livery, due to the mapping being very weird on that car. If it gets updated and they fix the mapping, then I'll update release a weathered version of the Cafe Car.


Installation Instructions

  1. Download the .zip file
  2. Extract the .zip file to somewhere convenient
  3. Put all 3 files in your TSW2 Livery Manager Exports folder
  4. Open TSW2 Livery Manager, click on the livery in the list and press import
  5. Repeat until all 3 liveries are imported using the manager
  6. Enjoy!

Additional Comments

Do not re-post my livery, or a modified version of my livery, anywhere else without my permission. I am not responsible if your game breaks due to using this livery. If I have gotten anything wrong, either on the livery itself or in the this post, please let me know so I can correct it. The best way to see my future projects is via the discord server I am in (link below).


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Amfleet I Phase III Un-weathered Livery Pack v1.0 by Ant Craft.rar 8 KB · Added 12 Sept 2021 · Downloaded 128× Amfleet I Phase III Weathered Livery Pack v1.0 by Ant Craft.rar 8 KB · Added 12 Sept 2021 · Downloaded 148×


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12 Sept 2021
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