MRCE 185 552-7 "SNCF Nightrain Ad" (DRA 185.5)

MRCE 185 552-7 in black with the iconic SNCF Carmillon stripes on the front and an ad for the Nighttrain Paris - Vienna on the side.

Note: The irl loco features two pictures on the side, I only remade them in a simplified to keep my sanity.


  • Rush Hour - Nahverkehr Dresden

Installation Instructions

Refer to this video:

Additional Comments

If you are on console and want to use this livery: At the time of upload it is also available on Creators Club, just search for the loco number.

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SNCF 185 552 Detailed for RF_MRCE_BR185-5.tsw3 1 MB · Added 2 Dec 2022 · Downloaded 227×


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2 Dec 2022
2 Dec 2022
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Rush Hour – Nahverkehr Dresden - Riesa