MAED's two 155 with "two faces"

The German company MAED (short for "Maik Ampft Eisenbahndienstleistungen") gave their 155 219-9 a special livery which celebrates both liveries it had before they aquired it and combining it through a "peel" effect. 155 183-7 also has two different ends but the difference is way less noticeable because it only affects the front and rear but not the side.
You can find both here.


  • Bahnstrecke Bremen - Oldenburg

Installation Instructions

Refer to this video:

Additional Comments

Note: The original livery off 155 219-9 has two different sides but to keep my sanity I decided to only do one and copy it to the other side.

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MAED 155 183-7 for RF_BRO_PRESS_BR155.tsw3 718 KB · Added 29 Jan 2023 · Downloaded 165× MAED 155 219-9 for RF_BRO_PRESS_BR155.tsw3 929 KB · Added 22 Jan 2023 · Downloaded 201×


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22 Jan 2023
29 Jan 2023
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Bahnstrecke Bremen - Oldenburg