Great Western Railway Class 387 (GX 387 Repaint)

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This is a port of my original GWR Class 387 livery for the ECW 377 to the Gatwick Express class 387 on from London Commuter. Being an actual 387, it means that the GWR 387 livery can be more accurate than it was on the East Coastway class 387. In addition to porting the livery over to the 387, I have also edited a few things for increased accuracy. Like on the original livery for the 377, this one features a standard version and a real logo (RL) version, and a weathered and un-weathered variant for each.


  • Livery has been recreated as accurately as possible, with the real life colours being used for the livery
  • Features a Real Logo (RL) version of the livery for extra accuracy
  • Both versions of the livery include a weathered and un-weathered variant

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Installation Instructions

  1. Download the .tsw2liv file
  2. Put the file in your TSW2 Livery Manager Exports folder
  3. Open TSW2 Livery Manager, click on the livery in the list and press import
  4. Enjoy!

Additional Comments

Do not re-post my livery, or a modified version of my livery, anywhere else without my permission. I am not responsible if your game breaks due to using this livery. If I have gotten anything wrong, either on the livery itself or in the this post, please let me know so I can correct it. The best way to see my future projects is via the discord server I am in (link below).


  • Ported from the ECW 377
  • Corrected issues from porting to new model


  • Fixed issue with green stipes overlapping orange lines at top of the DMSO B carriage

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GWR Class 387 RL Un-weathered v1.1 by Ant Craft.tsw2liv 120 KB · Added 18 Oct 2021 · Downloaded 386× GWR Class 387 RL Weathered v1.1 by Ant Craft.tsw2liv 127 KB · Added 18 Oct 2021 · Downloaded 396× GWR Class 387 Un-weathered v1.1 by Ant Craft.tsw2liv 174 KB · Added 18 Oct 2021 · Downloaded 310× GWR Class 387 Weathered v1.1 by Ant Craft.tsw2liv 180 KB · Added 18 Oct 2021 · Downloaded 355×

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