TVL Class 101 BR Regional Railways Livery

So now we have the TVL Class 101 available for Livery Designer, here is the Class 101 in Regional Railways Livery, which can present either two alternative timelines on the TVL. Either that of due to delays or shortages of rolling stock, the full scale roll out of Pacers was delayed until late 1992/early 1993 so the 101s remained in service with the Regional Railways livery applied. Alternatively, the Regional Railways livery was applied at an earlier time than IRL, that being around 1988/89. Whatever the scenario, here is the 101 in British Rail Regional Railways, available for the Tees Valley. Also, the High Intensity Headlight is included cosmetically, although it cannot function as an actual headlight.


Tees Valley Line

Installation Instructions

Use Livery Manager to install the skin

Additional Comments

Do NOT redistribute without my permission

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5 Apr 2022
5 Apr 2022
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