Class 66 66779 Evening Star

The final Class 66 ever built in 2016, 66779 Evening Star, which was named after the BR 9F 92220 of the same name. Now this may not be 100% accurate to the real thing, as I had to do this in the 300 layer limit of the Livery Designer, but most of the detail of the locomotive (of course excluding the bell) is present. Also as a bit of corner cutting for the BR Cresent, I put in GBRf instead of British Railways in the dartboard of the a litte touch


East Coastway DLC

Installation Instructions

Use Livery Manager to install the skin

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Do NOT redistribute without my permission

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RF_ECW_Class66;66779 Evening Star.tsw2liv 199 KB · Added 25 Apr 2022 · Downloaded 252×


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WaveyDavey 25 Apr 2022

Have you thought about using the layer limit removal mod? Then you get 65000 layers to play with.

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Aboo3238 13 May 2022

Nice livery. Could you create a wcrc livery for class 37 and 47?

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25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022
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