The Night Riviera - BR Class 57s

These four liveries are for the BR Class 57 'Bodysnatchers' operated today by Great Western Railway. GWR uses their fleet of 4 exclusively to run the 'Night Riviera' sleeper service between Paddington, London and Penzance, Cornwall. The Night Riviera is the sleeper version of the day-time Cornish Riviera Express service, and runs both ways 6 times a week. More information about the Night Riviera can be found here:

The 57s are named after castles in Devon and Cornwall, continuing the tradition of GWR in the steam days of old. The four 'castles' are:
57602 - Restormel Castle
57603 - Tintagel Castle
57604 - Pendennis Castle
57605 - Totnes Castle

Of interest to note is that whilst 2, 4 and 5 are in GWR green, 604 is painted in Brunswick green, in a livery straight from the old GWR.

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Muff's Logo Pack (version 4.26 was used to create this livery)
TSW 2 Livery Manager

Installation Instructions

Use the TSW2 Livery Manager to install the livery.

Additional Comments

These liveries were made on my Twitch stream. You can follow me here:

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RF_LMC_Class47;57602.tsw2liv 80 KB · Added 29 Aug 2022 · Downloaded 216× RF_LMC_Class47;57603.tsw2liv 105 KB · Added 29 Aug 2022 · Downloaded 216× RF_LMC_Class47;57604.tsw2liv 204 KB · Added 29 Aug 2022 · Downloaded 198× RF_LMC_Class47;57605.tsw2liv 102 KB · Added 29 Aug 2022 · Downloaded 202×


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Boa 16 Feb 2023

Could you make some of these in the FGW version?

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