China high speed train SS9G (blue paint)

The Shaoshan 9G (Shaoshan 9 improved) electric locomotive is based on the Shaoshan 9 electric locomotive, and in accordance with the principle of "modularization, standardization and serialization", the equipment layout and body structure of the locomotive are designed and improved. Its main technical parameters and traction braking characteristics are the same as those of the Shaoshan Type 9 locomotive, but it adopts an independent ventilation system, a central through-corridor, a screened equipment layout, a standardized driver's cab, a horizontal main transformer, and a streamlined body appearance.

The first improved locomotive No. 0044 rolled off the assembly line at Zhuzhou Plant in June 2002 and was discontinued in 2006, with a total of 170 units produced. Shaoshan 9G locomotive has a maximum speed of 170km/h, a test speed of 190km/h, a power of 4800kW, and an axle type of C0-C0.

This blue paint is a temporary modification for participating in the exhibition, and it will be changed back to the original paint after the exhibition.


need TSW2LM and BR 101 Loco add-on

Tags: china-railway electric high-speed reskin


NRM_DB_BR101_RF;SS9G blue.tsw2liv 285 KB · Downloaded 93×


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30 May 2022
30 May 2022
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