China shangyou steam locomotive

(I know shangyu is mainly used for freigh,I just notice that when I finnished and it's really pain in the a** to redo it,please forgive me)
The shangyou steam locomotive is also known as the shangyou small steam locomotive for industrial and mining purposes. In 1960, Tangshan Factory redesigned and trial-produced the first upstream locomotive based on the Jiefang locomotive, code-named SY, and produced more than 1,600 locomotives. The total length of the locomotive is 21519 (21643) mm, the construction speed is 80 kilometers per hour, the modulus traction force is 204 kN, and the axle type is 1-4-1.
This one 0652,is placed outside the museum which is near my house. As a witness in the development and construction of my hometown,I make this to commemorate him.


need TSW2LM and Spirit of Steam: Liverpool Lime Street - Crewe Route Add-On

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2 Jun 2022
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