Clinchfield Railroad Alternate Liveries

This mod adds in alternate liveries for the CRR F7 and SD40. Includes the grey livery for the SD40 and the black livery for the F7A.

Additional Comments

Textures by ngc
Reskin seperation by Lunamoon/Yuri

Tags: black clinchfield f7 grey sd40


!CRRBlackF7-TSW3.pak 87 MB · Added 4 Apr 2023 · Downloaded 397× !CRRGreySD40-TSW3.pak 68 MB · Added 5 Apr 2023 · Downloaded 368×

v1.1: Fixes missing reverser issue

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 69 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of Dinosbacsi
Dinosbacsi 5 Apr 2023

Nice! Do these replace the original ones, or added as new liveries?

Avatar of ngc
ngc 7 Apr 2023

They add in new reskins seperate from the originals

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About this mod

1 Mar 2023
5 Apr 2023
Train Sim World
Type of content
Train Sim World 3
NA Operator
Clinchfield Railroad
Train Sim World Content
Clinchfield Railroad: Elkhorn - Dante
Reskin type
Adds a new skin