Train Sim World 3: ATSF F7 Custom Rolling Stock Pack

This pack gives you a Double Door Boxcar, a Refrigerated Boxcar and a caboose in classic Santa Fe liveries for the F7 DLC.

This replaces the Cajon Pass timetable and F7 scenario planner formations for the ATSF F7 DLC with the stock mentioned above.

These cars are standalone but require Clinchfield Railroad for physics and sounds. So if that's not installed this mod won't work.

Textures are created by the talented ngc!

Screenshots created by schunauzapowahz!


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Installation Instructions

To install simply drop the PAK in the DLC folder normally found at
C:\Program Files (x86)\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 3WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC

To uninstall simply delete the PAK file.

Tags: atsf boxcar caboose f7 refrigerated-boxcar santa-fe standalone tsw-na-freight-rolling-stock


ATSF-F7-RollingStock-TSW3.pak 71 MB · Added 28 Oct 2022 · Downloaded 570×


Avatar of CheekiStepBro
CheekiStepBro 1 Nov 2022

This is great. There really needs to be a consist editor for TSW.

Avatar of Dinosbacsi
Dinosbacsi 4 Jan 2023

Really cool, makes the F7 much better to look at! And I love how they are standalone repaints and don't overwrite the CRR cars - no need to remove the mod when playing Clinchfield! Thanks!

Avatar of MCS121
MCS121 13 Mar 2023

Why did the Cajon Pass enhancement pack get scrapped? It was good other than a few blurry textures.

Avatar of ngc
ngc 15 Mar 2023

The blurry textures were the exact reason why it got scrapped. I didn't really like how it looked at all, and there's no real fix to it without outright removing it, which kind of defeats the purpose of an enhancement pack. The Horseshoe Curve enhancement pack suffered the same issue.

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 30 Mar 2023

I thought that I saw another mod here in the community that required this mod, anyone have an idea if / or it's still here? It seemed like it may have been a nice mod to add. Or was it the scrapped Cajon Pass enhancement pack?

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