Better BR Black Jubilee (Rivet Railtour)

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So I made this texture set a while back for SOS but never ended up using it because of the lack of white lines, fortunately for me, Rivet's new steam railtour DLC adds a Jubilee that has the as a decal.
Unfortunately Rivet's Black Jub isn't too great. So I thought I'd quickly port my old textures over to this new one!


  • The black is deeper and blended better to the faded/dirtier parts of the body, the shininess of the loco is now blended and equal.

  • Cleaned up the running gear and changed the colour so it's no longer rusted bronze looking.

  • Made the white line more prominant and the correct shade of white, also corrected the colour of the red lines too.

  • The Leander nameplate is now red instead of black.

  • Replace rivet's photograph of the BR Lion decal on the tender with an actual decal. Unfortunately, due to some beyond confusing decal decisions from Rivet I can neither make the decal the correct size, nor have it appear perfect and straightened, for some reason there is missing parts of the decal and some parts look wonky. This is not fixable.

  • Changed OHLE decal from the damaged looking modern OHLE decal with a more peroid correct, non ripped version. I've also made it the correct size, although this makes the decal look off centre in two places - will change the size back to Rivet's original if this bothers too many people!

I haven't really tested this too much, so if you notice any problems or anything please feel free to ping me on the discord!

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