Amtrak Amfleet I Texture Enhancements

  • by Lunamoon
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Created by Nexo for Train Sim World 2020 and faithfully ported to Train Sim World 2 by Yuri (Lunamoon)


  • BARE METAL reflection on body
  • Contrast/brightness/filters on body
  • Decal scratches and dirt
  • Body scratches and stains
  • Metal body and Blue decals across body are no longer has smooth surface, but dents and bends instead.
  • Corrected marker lights appearance
  • Splatters / grimes / unwashed
  • Slight tint on windows


Northeast Corridor: Boston – Providence

Installation Instructions

To install simply drop the PAK in the DLC folder normally found at
C:\Program Files (x86)\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 2\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC

To uninstall simply delete the PAK file.

Tags: amfleet amtrak boston nec northeast-corridor tsw2-legacy-na-rollingstock


TS2Prototype-NXAMFLEETV3-RH-TSW2.pak 14 MB · Added 2 Sept 2021 · Downloaded 1,915×


Avatar of Ark
Ark 3 Sept 2021

Can you apply that tint to the F40 external windshield as well? Thanks for the texture enhancements!!

Avatar of Anthony Amtrak
Anthony Amtrak 21 Jul 2023

Can this, as well as the ACS-64 upgrade, be ported over to the Trenton Amfleets please?

Avatar of Anthony Amtrak
Anthony Amtrak 17 Oct 2023

Will this be ported to TSW 4?

Avatar of Anthony Amtrak
Anthony Amtrak 12 Feb 2024

This works in TSW 4 now!

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2 Sept 2021
2 Sept 2021
Train Sim World
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Train Sim World compatibility
Train Sim World 2: Steam version (UE4 4.26)