Neutral 642

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DTG only gave us the Westfrankenbahn 642 so I decided to make a 642 that suits any route!
Update First class exists
Another Update Material fixes, Corrected regio logo scale and appearance*



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Avatar of MysticFox
MysticFox 17 days ago

Finally, an neutral Repaint, great!
The only thing that I see is, that the "DB" logo might be a little too small,
Anyways, love it

Avatar of H enjoyer
H enjoyer 12 days ago

You see, they are too small by design. I was lazy to make new decals for it so I just did this. I will be updating this mod soon-ish which will add a first class.

Avatar of Noah.EiB
Noah.EiB 11 days ago

Es hei├čt "Regio DB" und nicht "DB Regio". Also einfach falscher Aufkleber.

Avatar of H enjoyer
H enjoyer 11 days ago

fixed that too

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