CSX and Norfolk Southern Safety Vest Update - Now TSW4 Compatible

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NOW Updated for TSW4

Changes the Locomotive Crews to have the actual High Visibility vest that is worn by each respective railroad.

I've taken the existing textures and recolored the vest and added the correct logos and slogans to each railroads vest. It always annoyed me that both NS and CSX wear a Yellow high visibilty vest and all the crew in game have the standard orange ones.


The base TSW2 Game or SandPatch Grade Route for TSW3/4 is required for the CSX Vest mod and Horseshoe Curve is required for the Norfolk Southern Vest mod. The NS Heritage Unit Pack is required for the vest mod to work with the Heritage units.

Installation Instructions

Download the PAK files and copy to the DLC folders

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TS2Prototype-LIG_CSX-SafetyVestsSPG.pak 6 MB · Added 18 May 2022 · Downloaded 781× TS2Prototype-LIG_NS-SafetyVestsHSC.pak 3 MB · Added 18 May 2022 · Downloaded 714× TS2Prototype-WindowsNoEditor-LIG_CSX_SafetyVests.pak 6 MB · Added 15 days ago · Downloaded 99× TS2Prototype-WindowsNoEditor-LIG_NS_SafetyVests.pak 3 MB · Added 15 days ago · Downloaded 88× TS2Prototype-WindowsNoEditor-LIG_NSHU_SafetyVests.pak 1 MB · Added 15 days ago · Downloaded 78×


Avatar of Kanawha
Kanawha 19 May 2022

Thanks, it is these small details that make the difference.

Avatar of MCS121
MCS121 4 Jul 2022

Can you do one for union pacific?

Avatar of MCS121
MCS121 10 Nov 2022


Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 15 days ago

Good job !

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18 May 2022
15 days ago
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Train Sim World 2: Steam version (UE4 4.26), Train Sim World 3, Train Sim World 4
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Horseshoe Curve: Altoona - Johnstown & South Fork, Norfolk Southern Heritage Livery Collection, Sand Patch Grade