All North American Routes Time of Day upgrade

This mod upgrades the Time of Day plugin on most North American routes, enabling the new sky box system. Keep in mind that some routes may have visual bugs, headlights that are too dim and night time running that is pitch black.

Installation Instructions

Simply place the .pak file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 3\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC (note: not verified to work on anything other than the Steam release of TSW3)

Additional Comments

Only tested to work on build: 144, any future updates may cause any updated routes to break. Also any mod that changes an affected .umap will cause issue with this mod.

Update 11/18/22: Added support for Cane Creek Branch, Sand Patch Grade and Sherman Hill. Also updated the supported build number.

Update 11/23/22: Added support for Harlem Line and split both Harlem and Long Island Railroad off into their own pack until I can find a solution for the underground sections being too dark.

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!TSW3Mod_Space_TOD_LIRR_HAR_Upgrade.pak 949 KB · Downloaded 43×

Enables the TOD4 upgrade on LIRR and HAR as the tunnel sections can be a bit dark.

!TSW3Mod_Space_TOD_NA_Upgrade.pak 2 MB · Downloaded 80×

Main pack containing: BPE, CCB, CRR, HSC, SPG, SFJ, SMH and OSD.

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 757 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of Panzerpatser
Panzerpatser 27 Sep 2022

Nice to see the new sky box and lighting do its magic on these routes, good job!

also small bug: the departure boards don't show text

Avatar of Space#7546
Space#7546 27 Sep 2022

Thank you. I didn't notice the departure boards were broken, after looking into it they seem to still be working but just way too dim under the new lighting system (you can check by loading a route at night and shining your flashlight on them). I don't currently think I can fix the display boards sadly, though I would love to get them functional again if possible!

Avatar of acela2163
acela2163 27 Sep 2022

Personally i'm fine with the departure screens not working since they're hopelessly inaccurate, though it would be nice if we could select individual routes for this mod (say have Oakville on the new system, but keep LIRR on the old, or something like that)

Avatar of acela2163
acela2163 27 Sep 2022

Also, would you consider joining the TSC discord? I think some of the modders on there would be interested in this.

Avatar of KoeleKoenArt
KoeleKoenArt 27 Sep 2022

looks great on HSC,only downside is the left MFD screens are broken (ptc one is fine)

Avatar of Space#7546
Space#7546 27 Sep 2022

I can't seem to find anything broken with the displays on either the GP38-2 or ES44AC on HSC. What locomotive and service did you run?

Avatar of TripleJ814
TripleJ814 27 Sep 2022

deleted comment

Avatar of oct197
oct197 27 Sep 2022

Yes, the info boards do not work with this mod installed. Hopefully it's fixed.

Avatar of 2_Transport
2_Transport 5 Oct 2022

its awesome on LIRR, it truely draws me back to playing it more.
However at nearly all the stations when it becomes nighttime , it looks like a blackout happened, and its like theres 0 light emmision at all, its wayy too dark, even in the tunnels!
There a way that this mod can increase the stations lighting to accustom the new skybox and lighting all in one?

Avatar of Space#7546
Space#7546 16 days ago

I can't fix the issue with tunnels sadly. To fix the issue I would need to fully rebake the lighting on the route which I am not set-up to do atm.

Avatar of Suryaaji R. Damarjati

please make this mod works on Sherman Hill

Avatar of Space#7546
Space#7546 16 days ago

Just got that working today. I'll be getting that version up asap!

Avatar of MCS121
MCS121 21 days ago

Can you make this work on sand patch grade? It needs better lighting. I would get it if SPG was included

Avatar of Space#7546
Space#7546 16 days ago

Early on in testing, I had Sand Patch working with the new TOD4 system. Sadly it was facing an issue that would have the lighting be super bugged out and so for the final version, I elected to just not include it, rather than send out something that visually breaks the route. I'll go back and retry it and see if I can get it working, but at this point in time, it's more of a technical limitation.

Avatar of Space#7546
Space#7546 16 days ago

Update: after looking into it, I found out what the issue was. I managed to get it patched! I'll get the new file with support for Sand Patch up soon.

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 15 days ago

Good job !

Avatar of Suryaaji R. Damarjati

hi! I'm just want to report when using this mod, the colored signal aspect didn't lit up. i tried it in Sand Patch Grade. thanks.

Avatar of Space#7546
Space#7546 10 days ago

All the signal lights work on Sand Patch from my testing. What service did you run to experience that and also do you have any other mods installed that might affect SPG?

Avatar of Suryaaji R. Damarjati

The 09:33 Intermodal Service. I have AC4400CW Engine Sound mod and SPG Enhancement Pack mod installed. It could be a mod conflict isn't it?

Avatar of Space#7546
Space#7546 9 days ago

After looking into it, the SPG Enhancement Pack seems to be causing the issue with the signals. After installing the mod all the signals are still a bit visible but are very dim and almost unreadable.

Avatar of PegasusLeosRailwayFanatix9

Has anyone here experience any crashes or problem when this mod is activated in game, so far? I really would like this mod to work, but afraid that it will cause crash and problem to other route as well, also can this mods be use with other mods as well?

Avatar of Space#7546
Space#7546 22 hours ago

What route is causing a crash, also which other mods do you have installed? I haven't had any crashes happen but recent game updates might have caused some issues.

Avatar of PegasusLeosRailwayFanatix9

I just recently put your mods into the directory and run a route and seem that it kills all the lighting in the station. All of the station lights went completely dark, including in the terminal as well. Can you please look into this and try to get a fix for it soon, thank you

Avatar of Arch
Arch 20 hours ago

I had this mod installed for some time and did not encounter any crashes on the routes I played. Even the one from trainsimcz that is for all routes, no crashes. It is best if you remove any other lighting mods in case it causes conflict.

There are many things the modder is unable to fix since it is dtg's responsibility to do the rest of the lighting work which they most likely aren't going to do. They have to rebake the lighting, change every single lighting value so all the lights can end up working. So while this mod improves the lighting, you will get many issues such as signals not being lit, pis not working, underground sections being really dark, really dark nights, lights not working, etc. But the modder is unable to fix all of it since the modder does not have access to all the tools dtg uses.

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Canadian National Oakville Subdivision: Hamilton - Oakville, Cane Creek: Thompson - Potash, Clinchfield Railroad: Elkhorn - Dante, Harlem Line: Grand Central Terminal - North White Plains, Horseshoe Curve: Altoona - Johnstown & South Fork, Long Island Rail Road: New York - Hicksville, Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco - San Jose, Rush Hour - Boston Sprinter, Sand Patch Grade, Sherman Hill: Cheyenne - Laramie