CJP F7 - Slower brake handle speed

  • by Lolly
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This mod makes the brakehandle of the f7 slower, this makes braking more easy because you dont go into e-brake that quick

Installation Instructions

Drag and Drop the .pak into your DLC folder


F7-Brakespeed.pak 81 KB · Downloaded 67×


Avatar of CTSL Railfan
CTSL Railfan 21 days ago

is it possible if you can make the lirr m7 controller a little quicker. it's very hard to acknowledge an overspeed in time because of its slow speed.

Avatar of Lolly
Lolly 21 days ago

I could have a look at it. Is it the same for the Harlem M7 or the M3's ?

Avatar of CTSL Railfan
CTSL Railfan 20 days ago

the m7a for the harlem line is fine. both m3's should be fine as well.

Avatar of solicitr
solicitr 21 days ago

Outstanding! Can you make it for the Clinchfield F7 too?

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