TSW Speedometer, but it has cat ears

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If you need any more convincing aside from the mod thumbnail here is a extensive review by the renown Matt Peddlesden:

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Avatar of Arch
Arch 27 days ago

Thank you very much for this wonderful mod

Avatar of Hyperlord1337
Hyperlord1337 26 days ago

I LOVE this, it fits my earphones and is a lovely addition!

Avatar of maggus
maggus 26 days ago

zenks for sharing this

Avatar of Klara_UwU
Klara_UwU 26 days ago

Thank you for this game-changing addon! uwu

Avatar of Emeraldzebra
Emeraldzebra 25 days ago

If this is a thing. Is it technically possible to remove the grey backing all together?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 25 days ago

Yes, it's just a texture file

Avatar of FreezeLP
FreezeLP 20 days ago

Can you pls do this, the speedometer in TSW is a way to big.

Avatar of Viotrovia
Viotrovia 25 days ago

Amazing, thank you

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