Linke Rheinstrecke DB BR 103: Traversable Engine Room

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This mod edits the collision of the DB BR 103 from the "Linke Rheinstrecke" DLC to allow you to walk through the engine room. Keep in mind that the engine room's modelling, texturing and sounds setup has not been designed for the ability to walk through it fully, and their quality and detail has been adjusted for that.

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Avatar of JBViper
JBViper 22 Mar 2023

Oh, thanks for it.

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 23 Mar 2023

WoW now that is nice very good work, will give it go when I get my game up and running again, Much easier going from cab to cab.

Avatar of ngc
ngc 23 Mar 2023

Awesome work, makes running the locomotive feel much more realistic, maybe do the Acela next?

Avatar of colinL
colinL 29 Sept 2023

Any chance of this getting updated to TSW4?

Avatar of SS3B5040
SS3B5040 27 Mar 2024

very good

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22 Mar 2023
22 Mar 2023
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