BR 185 Rail4Chem + BR 182 Triple Panto + boxXpress

As promised both mods are now also on TSC, Enjoy :)

(BR 185 Rail4Chem)

I have to be honest I always felt like the MRCE BR185 is a bit empty, although I’m not planning a mega pack like with the BR 101 or the coming BR 182, I still decided to make a variant for the 185 as Rail4Chem, Now this particular Loco does not have alot of “Werbe Loks” but I found one single low quality picture on google that looked very much like this Version of the 185 with Rail4Chem Advertising, so I decided to make it, as always let me know if you find any bugs, Enjoy

(BR 182 Triple Panto + boxXpress)

After getting a ping on my Discord from Chill_LP asking me if I'd consider adding an Extra Panto to one of the variants, I found the Idea interesting, after seeing in the reference pic he sent me that it was MRCE that owned these loks, I decided to make this a seperate thing, This Pack is for the HBK version of the BR 182, and Contains a New Variant with an Extra Panto (No Animations) and another boxXpress Variant, that should appear as choices under this Vanilla version, as with the upcoming Dispolok Extension pack, this also Contains Foobians RT BR182 fixes ( hope you Enjoy:)

Enjoying my mods and Interested in Early Access and more, why not check out my website :)

Installation Instructions

Drag the pak file into your DLC folder
Program Files 86x ---> Steam ---> steamapps ---> Common ---> Train Sim World 3 ---> WindowsNoEditor ---> TS2Prototype ---> Content ---> DLC

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!FLBR182boxXpress+3P.pak 2 MB · Added 2 May 2023 · Downloaded 371× !FLBR185Rail4Chem.pak 450 KB · Added 2 May 2023 · Downloaded 369×


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Nippur 2 May 2023

You guys always make the game better, I really appreciate your work.

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Folezz 3 May 2023

enjoy ;)

Avatar of Hyperlord1337
Hyperlord1337 3 May 2023

Nice, thank you!

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2 May 2023
2 May 2023
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