Class 101 Light Leak Patch (TVL/GWB/BPO)

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So with Just Train's new route 'Blackpool Branches' (BPO) on the horizon I decided to take a quick attempt at fixing the light leak of the TVL Class 101.
This is relevant to BPO because it will use the TVL Class 101, so I thought now was the right time to do something about it.

Obviously, this will also apply the fix to TVL and I also decided to fix the Diesel Legends of the Great Western (GWB) version too.
Sadly, the light leak on the bogies and on the gangways can't be repaired but I will keep experimenting just incase!

If you notice anything weird or wrong please don't hesitate to contact me in the TSC discord!


I've also not touched the Northern Trans-Pennine (NTP) Class 101 because DTG did a good job of officially fixing the light leak on that version.

UPDATE: 05/11/2023
With a big thanks to Ed Fisk, the rainbow wiper/green gangway bug when turning on the headlights has been fixed!

Installation Instructions

Drop into your DLC folder.

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Avatar of Xander1986
Xander1986 29 Oct 2023

Thanks this is a fix that is an absolute pain in the ass..... its absurd that DTG cant fix this.

Avatar of Scorpion71
Scorpion71 26 days ago

It's not that DTG can't fix it, it's a case of DTG can't be arsed to fix it

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 28 days ago

Good job !

Avatar of .tadeus
.tadeus 23 days ago

Nice patch! Can you also maybe make this for the dostos? Some variations leak light.

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