DB BR 101 - Hauptstrecke München - Augsburg

This mod allows IC formations, so that between Munich and Augsburg, besides the normal ICE3 trains, IC trains run occasionally.


Hauptstrecke München - Augsburg, Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr, DB BR 101

Additional Comments

Special instructions on how to set up the player train properly are included in the manual.

Update 18.10.2021:
This is not a simple conversion of my old mod. This was my first substitution mod (which just replaced one train with another instead of enabling both) and I gained a lot of experience in the time that past between its first release and now. With this experience I have enabled both the DB BR 101 and ICE3 to run alongside each other without the need to disable and re-enable the mod it if you want to drive either of them. If you remember the old version, there was the possibility to choose between short and long IC trains. In this new version I have only activated the short 6 car train with a loco on either end. The longer 14 car variant caused routing problems in Munich main station and made the corresponding services invisble in the Service Mode menu.

Update 23.03.2022:

  • small adjustments to the ICE3 RVD files to prevent spawning with wrong end car

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Avatar of captjohnmcr
captjohnmcr 1 May 2021

Dosnt seem to work keeps crashing to desktop. Was looking forward too this. Any help would be great this looks a brillant mod.

Avatar of PuffeB
PuffeB 1 May 2021

Same here - TSW2 CTD.

Avatar of captjohnmcr
captjohnmcr 1 May 2021

Glad its not just me ive no other mods in my folder took them out incase it was a conflict

Avatar of Alexander L.
Alexander L. 2 May 2021

I have now updated the mod and linked two mods which are required for it to work.

Avatar of captjohnmcr
captjohnmcr 2 May 2021


Avatar of captjohnmcr
captjohnmcr 2 May 2021

Works perfectly now thanks so much for this found the link in the pdf and everything works a treat great job with this

Avatar of JBViper
JBViper 2 May 2021

Super mod very useful. Thanks.

Avatar of uǝq
uǝq 2 May 2021

I really really like this. Did you think about making one for SKA as well? I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate this

Avatar of PuffeB
PuffeB 2 May 2021

Thumbs up!!! Works perfectly well now :-)

Avatar of uǝq
uǝq 2 May 2021

So, AI Trains are not driving at 200 kph, found it out, but really don't know why

Avatar of Monder
Monder 12 May 2021

Hi, the mod looks very cool from the description, I am thinking about replacing the 2-set ICEs with this, I remember however they were not selectable from the timetable, are the 2-loco/14-coach trains from this mod?

Avatar of Alexander L.
Alexander L. 12 May 2021


Avatar of DarwinZol
DarwinZol 31 Jan 2022

Hello, i love this mod. But can i have an idea? Is it possible to replace the ICE services with the TGV Duplex on Hauptstrecke München - Augsburg? They operate in real life at München: they go from München to Paris Est, and they stop at Augsburg. ( But i don't know that is it possible, cuz maybe there are some problems with the pantograph. )

Avatar of Alexander L.
Alexander L. 6 Feb 2022

Hi! Great idea, but unfortunately it doesn't work. First of all, while the TGV has 10 cars in total, the ICE 3 only has 8 which means, that the TGV consist has to be shortened, which isn't realistic, but doable. The major problem is in fact, as you pointed out, the different electrification systems.

Avatar of DarwinZol
DarwinZol 12 Feb 2022

Oh ok! Thanks for the response. I knew that there are going to be problems, but as i said: it's just an idea. Thanks again!

Avatar of Pike
Pike 23 Mar 2022

Sincerely hope to add the 14-coach consist back to this pack, I'm not satisfied with the only one train at night in SKA😥

Avatar of DB BR406
DB BR406 8 Aug 2022

BR182 is used to run this line more suitable because it can reach 230km / h

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