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Hi there, I'm SprattyHeath, you may also know me on other social media platforms such as the TSWC or the DTL Forums (I'm mostly active on Discord)

I devote most of my spare time to create mods for TSW (such as Enhancement Packs or Legacy Reskins, whilst i'm no true expert at this I like to think of this as a mini hobby and I generally really enjoy doing it.

I first started getting into modding via the inspiration of others on the TSC discord and decided to try it for myself. The first attempt of this was my SEHS Ballast mod, and from there it expanded to different aspects of modding such as sound mods, route mods & more recently skin edits (still a complete novice at that)

I have this love-hate relationship with TSW. as there are some aspects of it that I really like, and some bits I dislike and wonder why devs couldn't do it in the first place (a.k.a ballast shades). Personally TS1 is still my overall preferred game in terms of immersion, variety and just for the fact you can easily do a lot more with it's built-in editor. I still play both regularly but I generally favour more towards TSW as I'm more familiar with modding in UE4.

If you do enjoy the content I create please leave some feedback as it helps me to improve on what I have already learnt to create better content for those out there.

Thanks for reading!

Discord: SprattyHeath#9531
Twitter: TopGearBerk
Steam: SprattyHeath