Horseshoe Curve Locomotive Audio Mods

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This mod changes the audio on the locomotives for the Horseshoe Curve route. Currently just the ES44AC since I think the GP38-2's sounds are fine.


Train Sim World 2: Horseshoe Curve: Altoona - Johnstown & South Fork Route Add-On

Installation Instructions

Drop the .PAK files into your DLC folder.

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NSES44EngAudio.pak 2 MB · Added 18 Dec 2023 · Downloaded 892× NSES44HornAudio.pak 76 KB · Added 18 Dec 2023 · Downloaded 854×

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Avatar of Suryaaji R. Damarjati

Finally !!! The love that the GEVOS should've got from the start !!!

Avatar of Pro Gamer20
Pro Gamer20 23 Apr 2022

Very nice work. Does it work with bescot and CTSL ES44 mod?

Avatar of griggs
griggs 23 Apr 2022


Avatar of Arch
Arch 23 Apr 2022

I have really enjoyed your sound mods. I just have clinchfield and cane creek to pick up and be able to use all your sound mods. You are the reason why I enjoy American freight routes

Avatar of LP
LP 23 Apr 2022

you're gonna wanna remove these ESU sounds ASAP

Avatar of CullenTrain
CullenTrain 23 Apr 2022


Avatar of CTSL Railfan
CTSL Railfan 23 Apr 2022

esu is a sound decoder for model trains and the sounds are copyrighted from what i know.

Avatar of AndrewBeeman
AndrewBeeman 16 Sept 2022

ESU sounds are not copyright protected, read the EULA, as follows:

    Neither you, nor anyone at your direction, shall:
    2.1 use the Content, or any part of it, for any public performance, live broadcast or time delayed live broadcast where the Content is used unattended for commercial purposes without ESU' s prior written consent;
    2.2 use the Content, or any part of it, in any competitive product;
    2.3 sub-license, copy, reproduce, transmit, assign, rent, sell, lease, offer on a pay-per-play basis, distribute for money or any other consideration, or commercially exploit in any other manner or through any medium whatsoever or otherwise transfer in any way the Content or any part thereof;
    2.4 manufacture and/or distribute for money or otherwise commercially exploit any product that incorporates any part of the Content. If you wish to use any part of the Content for manufacture, resale, sub-license or further distribution, you must contact ESU (and where relevant, its licensors) to enter into an appropriate agreement with ESU (and, where relevant, its licensors);
    2.5 publish the results of any analysis or comparative evaluation of the Content or any part thereof without ESU' s prior written consent;
    2.6 reverse engineer, recompile or disassemble any part of the Content except to the extent and in the circumstances expressly permitted by ESU and its licensors in writing or by law;

No where does it state that it cannot be reused for freeware purposes, only for Payware.

-Andrew from the official ESU Custom Installs page

Avatar of CTSL Railfan
CTSL Railfan 23 Apr 2022

did you fix the doppler effect for the horn? start sound and end sound have more doppler effect than the loop, and the loop still has too much doppler effect even by itself.

Avatar of Hornblower 9000
Hornblower 9000 24 Apr 2022

This is an excellent sound mod griggs; it has transformed the HSC GEVO, into a believable and enjoyable locomotive to drive.
Thank you for creating this 👍🏻😃

Avatar of oldschoolgeek
oldschoolgeek 25 Apr 2022

Hey! just a sugjestion!
do you think you could make the ending of the horn sound less abrubt?

Avatar of griggs
griggs 26 Apr 2022

Can't. It's hard coded to cut off at a certain point for some reason.

Avatar of CTSL Railfan
CTSL Railfan 24 Jun 2022

i honestly feel like the horn isn't abrupt enough lol. the horn control is horrible on this train. only an update from dtg themselves would fix this, and that'll likely not happen for a long time.

Avatar of xD4_nn
xD4_nn 29 Aug 2022

Does this work with the Epic Games version?

Avatar of MCS121
MCS121 15 Sept 2022

Can you port these sounds over to the BNSF ES44C4, if you have TSW3

Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 16 Sept 2022

IMHO, the ES44C4 sounds need to be ported over to this engine. They are spot-on for the GEVO units I hear working the NS Lehigh Line that goes through my area.

Avatar of Emeraldzebra
Emeraldzebra 18 Aug 2023

W2SJW I 100% Agree with you the C4 Sounds Great

Avatar of Suryaaji R. Damarjati

is it still working in TSW3?

Avatar of DarkWolf
DarkWolf 19 Dec 2023

Cool, thanks for updating this for TSW4.

Avatar of Steve
Steve 30 Dec 2023

Does this work with TSW3? I see it was asked over a year ago but with no answer. Thanks.

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