Norfolk Southern Heritage Livery Collection Audio Mod

Changes the audio on the Norfolk Southern heritage ES44ACs. Same audio as my previous audio mod.


Installation Instructions

Drop the .PAK files into your DLC folder.

Tags: audio es44ac norfolk-southern tsw-3


NSHCES44EngAudio.pak 3 MB · Added 18 Dec 2023 · Downloaded 510× NSHCES44HornAudio.pak 448 KB · Added 18 Dec 2023 · Downloaded 503×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 604 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 11 Aug 2023

Good job !

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 15 Aug 2023

Bravo, Hip Hip Hoora :) Thank you very much, sounds so much better.

Avatar of Cresperde
Cresperde 8 Feb 2024

can u tell me if I had u another one of the NSH sounds mod, would I still need this?

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About this mod

11 Aug 2023
18 Dec 2023
Train Sim World
Type of content
Train Sim World compatibility
Train Sim World 4
Train Sim World Content
Horseshoe Curve: Altoona - Johnstown & South Fork, Norfolk Southern Heritage Livery Collection