TSW3 Amtrak Acela Horn Mod

First and foremonst, a huge thank you to Dan Burgess and cActUsjUiCe (Brandon) for providing the raw audio files and allowing me to release my mod here. This mod will replace the default horn for the Acela Express DLC with a higher quality horn, with authentic exterior AND interior recodings. According to Brandon, these files were sent to DTG, but never made it into the final product.

Installation Instructions


This is pretty straightforward, just drag and drop the file named "AcelaHornMod.pak" from your downloads folder into your TSW 3 DLC folder, which is located in: Steam\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 3\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC

Thats it! The mod will now be installed!

Additional Comments

Update: Re-made the interior high horn so that the ending is less harsh, added button click sounds for the interior horn, fixed exterior quill abruptly cutting in, fixed interior quill abruptly cutting in and out
Udpate 2: Improved audio occlusion and volume on interior horn files to be more realistic

CREDITS: Dan Burgess (Recorded the audio), cActUsjUiCe (Brandon) (Provided the files for me to use)

*The interior horn will abruptly cut off sometimes, this is a bug with the Acela and not an issue with the mod.

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Avatar of Arch
Arch 25 Feb 2023

do we need both the updated and update 2 downloaded? or just 1?

Avatar of Corniest_Cob
Corniest_Cob 25 Feb 2023

Just update 2. Just sent an update request to clean up the files section.

Avatar of DanBurgess
DanBurgess 26 Feb 2023

Hello, glad you like the sounds. recording them was tough but we got them done. Would you be so kind as to add my name within the description of the mod for credit. Much appreciated! Wasn't completely aware that these sounds would be on here. Watch out for ACS-64 sounds coming soon!

Avatar of Corniest_Cob
Corniest_Cob 26 Feb 2023

Credits have been updated to include you! Thank you for letting me know, looking forward to the ACS-64 sounds!

Avatar of PrimeMoverSimulatorProductions

Any chance you plan on upgrading the bell sound as well? The bell, while accurate to the locomotive that is on, is still way too quiet for me to hear, especially when going 150mph in interior view

Avatar of AAE
AAE 26 Sept 2023

Do you plan on making this mod TSW4 compatable? Currently when I launch the game, it won't let me drive the Acela if the mod is installed

Avatar of rj1
rj1 30 Sept 2023

most mods are not compatible with TSW4 at present unfortunately

Avatar of DarkWolf
DarkWolf 4 Dec 2023

I miss this mod too, hope we see a version for TSW4 in the future.

Avatar of Arch
Arch 13 Feb 2024

This works in tsw4. Just tested

Avatar of DarkWolf
DarkWolf 16 Feb 2024

When I try it in TSW4, it seems to work on New York-Trenton but on Boston-Providence it causes the Acela to disappear from the locomotive list for that route.

Avatar of AAE
AAE 19 Feb 2024

When I load in the Train with this mod, its just the default horn sounds.

Avatar of Arch
Arch 13 Feb 2024

Mods works in tsw4

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24 Feb 2023
26 Feb 2023
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