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Adds Union Pacific C45ACCTEs 7389, 7501, 7513, 7524, 7946, 7966, 8041, 8089 and 8187


TrainSimulations UP Trainsets Vol. 2
ortsevolutionseriescabupd3_1.zip and ortsevolutionseriescab.zip avaliable from TrainSim.com but these can be changed to whatever cabview you like.

Installation Instructions

Copy "UP_C45ACCTE_8026.s", "ES44CABINT.ace", "ES44WINDOWS.ace", "UP_ES44CABINT.ace", "UP_GEVO_Brakewheel.ace", "UP_GEVO_PLATING.ace", "UP_GEVOc.ace" and "wheel.ace" from the original SLI_UP_GEVOS folder to "UP_C45ACCTE_7389" through "UP_C45ACCTE_8187" and rename the .s file to the same as the .eng file in each folder.

Tags: gevo locomotive north-america-reskin union-pacific


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11 May 2022
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