BNSF Scenic Sub Dash 9-44CW Renumber 4 Pack

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Adds BNSF Dash 9-44CWs 4614, 4647, 5007, and 5047


TrainSimulations BNSF Scenic Sub Starter Route

Installation Instructions

Copy the shape file "BNSF_C44_9W_4410.s" from the "BNSF_MULLAN_GE_ENGINES" folder into "BNSF_C44_9W_4614" through "BNSF_C44_9W_5047" and rename it to the same as the .sd file in each folder. After renaming the files, copy the "BNSF_C44_9W_4614" through "BNSF_C44_9W_5047" folders into your TrainSimulations\Trains\Trainset folder. Sounds and cabview are aliased to the original Scenic Sub locomotives.

Additional Comments

These renumbers should work with the Mullan Pass Dash 9 shape file however I have not tested them with that shape.

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1 Jun 2022
1 Jun 2022
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