Danny Beck CP Locomotives

I intended this package to be as "ready to run" as possible, so new players could use these models without modification to work.

CP ES44ACs 8701, 8728, and 8737.
CP GP38AC 3012.
Premade consists.
Sound and cabviews aliased by default.
Simple open rails physics via include files.


All of which can be found in trainsim.com's file library by using the "search filename" option.

For sounds: mattfsounds.zip

For cabviews: ortsevolutionseriescab.zip (ES44AC), emd_cab1.zip (GP38AC)

Installation Instructions


  1. Extract this folder to your TRAINS folder.
  2. Your new locomotives are ready-to-run!

Additional Comments

Original model and textures by Danny Beck.
Original cabviews by Borislav Miletic and Brad Bailey.
Original sounds by Matt Florack.
Original include files by Gerry Storey.

Repackaging by Unoriginal.

Tags: canadian-pacific


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